"So...when is Sunny Butter coming back?" - An Update on A.N.B

Hello everyone!

I know the big, burning question is “When is Sunny Butter coming back?“ I miss you all, too. Before I answer that question, I want you all to know what’s been going on since the shop shut down July 30th.

When I shut the shop down in July, I was truly at my lowest. I’d lost weight so rapidly, due to stress, that it was affecting my health. I was free lancing as a research analyst as a new law school graduate while doing my best to maintain the demand of Sunny Butter. In August, I evacuated the area to avoid Tropical Storm Barry. While away, I was offered an incredible job in my field and had to relocate to another city in the span of 5 days (life comes at you fast)! I am finally back on my feet and my legal career is truly taking off, so I think we can all agree that the break from Sunny Butter was well needed and not in vain.

While away, I also came back home to myself. I’d gotten so caught up in the loop of survival that I forgot how it felt to truly live. Sunny Butter and A Natural Beaut as a brand became work for me…no longer the craft that I was truly able to pour my heart and soul into; no longer an extension of the reality I hoped to create for myself…just work. Of course I was/am grateful for every single one of you who clicked the button and inquired about the product that has become a staple in many homes, but I couldn’t keep up with the space I was in.

Now, for the part you have been waiting for, I have decided to open the shop on a limited basis starting September 27th. Limited basis means the shop will only open the 1st-15th of each month. This will allow me to give quality product and maintain my sanity as I continue to work on other special projects for the brand. Also, we are no longer offering the option of local pick-up. It is imperative for operations to run as smoothly as possible. In order for that to happen, I need your help. Please, read the shipping policy before placing an order and triple check your shipping address before you place your order. Shipping addresses will not be changed once the order is placed. Lastly, the pricing of Sunny Butter has increased to $25 with the shipping price remaining the same. This ensures better quality ingredients and the platform to bring more goodies to the site.

A Natural Beaut has been in existence for 5 years, and I appreciate each & every person has participated in even the smallest part of this journey. I had no idea I was creating a brand when I started this blog that was originally based on hair and morphed into something much more organic and beautiful. I built this brand on authenticity and vulnerability, and will continue to do so. This is far from the end.

Thank you for your patience. Let’s continue to grow and prosper!



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