A Creator’s Love Letter

Dear Creatives,

Presence does not always equal productivity...in the same breath, being absent from the public does not mean you are behind or lacking in your achievements. Trust yourself and your process enough to know that your vision is one of a kind. Therefore, there is NO pressure to remain seen. There is NO pressure to stay accessible.  There is no rule that says you cannot put social media away for a while to get into the nitty gritty of your vision...to make better use of your attention and time for tasks that will push you further than posting ever could. The overall blessing of being a creative is to CREATE...create different processes of getting things done...create new pathways for presenting content...to break molds and surpass expectations that have been set based on what has already been seen. Social media does not make or break a vision, it is simply a tool. So, to the creative who has been wanting to take a break from social media but hasn’t out of fear of falling behind...take the break and trust that this break could be the breakthrough you need for your vision to manifest. It takes courage, but it’s worth it. Forever trust yourself and your process. 



Chasity Matthews2 Comments