Life Don't Stop 'Cause You Lose Your Top

This summer has been one for the books! Not only because of brunch, wine, short shorts, and parties, but because of the lessons God are pouring into me in such a short period of time. 

Life is a series of lessons to remind us of who we are at our core..the root of who we are before being tainted by epigenetics, societal expectations, etc. Many of us spend our journeys running from those lessons because of extreme discomfort and fear. What I've learned in this season of my life is running away prolongs the process and keeps you from your destiny. Lessons are tools for your tool kit; they ensure preparation for your ultimate destiny, and we cut ourselves short by constantly dodging experiences because we are uncomfortable. Also, every time we run we are calling those lessons back to us. Life does not go away simply because you don't want to deal. Here are a few of the lessons I've learned: 

1. Suppression does not work

2. Do not wait for others to create your boundaries

3. Be willing to be uncomfortable

4. Communicate effectively 

5. You're never too advanced to go back to the basics

6. My way is not always best

Because of these lessons, I have grown stronger as a professional, creative, and woman. I have identified some of my toxic behaviors and decided to hold myself accountable with love and healing by facing the issues

I challenge you to reflect and observe the patterns in your life, and ask what are you doing or not doing for these circumstances to keep repeating themselves. Be honest. Be loving. 


Chasity aka A Natural Beaut