The Surrender Experiment


The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer changed my life. I never knew a book could validate my experience and push me forward all in the same breath...Of course the bible is my end all, be all, but The Untethered Soul served as a practical resource that even allowed me to digest scripture in a way that I'd never dreamt. So, when I picked up The Surrender Experiment I had no expectations...certainly no hope that Michael Singer would give me another breathtaking experience. Man, was I wrong. The Surrender Experiment came at a time in my life when God was calling me to make all of these life changing decisions and pushing me to truly trust a pathway that came with no GPS. Have you ever felt like that? Like you're making all of these "blind" decisions rooted in innate faith, and somehow they bring you more peace than any outline or step-by-step plan ever could. Well, yeah...that's the season I'm in. So, imagine me reading a beautifully written story about a man who surrendered to his life's path

“I would eventually learn that everything in life has something to teach you and that it is all for your growth”-p.3

and surpassed all of his plans, goals, and thoughts. I won't use this post as a spoiler or even as a way to push my revelations on you. I will simply share how a few of the quotes apply to me, and it is my hope that you all pull out your own beautiful and powerful epiphanies. This book is more than a powerful read, it is an experience. It's a beautiful trip that begins and ends right where you are. So, let's get started. 

As I reflect, I realize that my most troubling times are when I fight what is. When I hold on to people, places, and experiences that no longer serve me, I become anxious and end up abusing myself by staying much longer than I should. There have been countless times when God was pulling me in a certain direction and I rebelled out of fear or following human expectation, but I have come to accept that it is in my best interest to trust a higher power who is pulling all the strings to life. As soon as I stopped fighting, competing, comparing, and operating on my shortsightedness, life become much more enjoyable because my will was being put into my NOW.

"...I decided to just stop listening to all the chatter about my personal preferences, and instead, start the willful practice of accepting what the flow of life was presenting me"-p.53

"...I decided to just stop listening to all the chatter about my personal preferences, and instead, start the willful practice of accepting what the flow of life was presenting me"-p.53



"...I decided to just stop listening to all the chatter about my personal preferences, and instead, start the willful practice of accepting what the flow of life was presenting me"-p.53


I went through a phase in my life that I like to call "Whatever". I wasn't fighting, instead I stopped participating in life all together. Whatever others wanted to do around or to me, I allowed it because I didn't trust my emotional compass enough to make ANY decisions. I just went with "it". I stepped outside of myself and became completely numb to my process because my involvement proved to cause more harm than good. When I finally snapped out of it and understood that operating from one extreme to the next wasn't the answer, I accepted the importance of "alignment". Me being in alignment simply meant applying the lessons I'd gathered from my two extreme ways of living and fine tuning. Life WANTS me to be here and to participate while still being humble enough to accept that I don't have all of the answers. Sounds like the Serenity Prayer, huh? *wink*


““I had to learn to go to classes and take tests while remaining perfectly centered. I was in a doctoral program, on full fellowship, I had to learn to use my intellectual mind without disturbing the peace that I now loved more than life itself.””


Like Singer, my life was planned to a tee! My entire academic career was steered towards law school. Every decision I made was with law school in mind...until I got here. During my entire first year, I rebelled and pretty much bombed it because everything they were teaching me in those classrooms disturbed my peace and went against everything I knew to be true...until I shifted my perspective and looked past the surface level teachings. Once I opened my heart and was willing to see what God was trying to do, I began using school as a tool that could be applied to other sectors of my life. I became extremely grateful. During my time here, I've decided not to take the bar or even practice law, and I've learned invaluable lessons in and out of the classroom. Once I shifted my perspective and accepted why I was placed here, my heart opened and the experience has become much more enjoyable. I've realized I'm not in law school to practice law, I'm here to connect with people I, otherwise, would not have had access to. I'm here to fine tune skills that the workforce would not have given me the space to perfect. Sometimes where we are doesn't make sense because we may be looking at the placement on the surface, but if you align and truly accept what's happening, you will notice how life is constantly flowing and making sense in the grand scheme of things. Now that I'm in my second year, I no longer spend my days trying to balance my intellect with my innate intelligence. I allow the two to co-mingle and I trust that whatever is meant to stick will stick.

“We are not responsible for even the tiniest fraction of what is manifesting around us. Nonetheless, we walk around constantly trying to control and determine what will happen in our lives. No wonder there’s so much tension, anxiety, and fear.”

In closing, this book ultimately taught me the importance of acceptance and perspective. In the past 3 years, I've been in the process of letting go...letting go of the false narratives and warped perceptions I've been feeding myself...forgiving myself for allowing abuse because I thought I deserved it and resisting growth because it was too uncomfortable.  We all have our quirks, experiences, stories, and monumental life lessons. The narrative we choose to feed ourselves is the determining factor of how we come out on the other side. Once we all understand and accept that everything is working together to push us forward, we will be more receptive to all experiences. That is not to say that we don't get to experience human emotions, but the way in which you process experiences will determine your flow.

Though it was an easy read, The Surrender Experiment pushed and comforted me simultaneously. It's a book that I will continue to reference and recommend. Clink the link below to purchase! Every time you purchase from A Natural Beaut the site gets proceeds from the sale. Your support is appreciated! 


The Surrender Experiment: My Journey into Life's Perfection

By Michael A. Singer