Does Food Affect Mood🤔

Have you all ever witnessed how certain foods influence your mood? Or have you ever noticed how certain moods influence your cravings? C'mon, don't tell me it's just me. When I'm sad I dive for a Kit-Kat bar and a 10-piece from my favorite wing spot. When I'm feeling inspired and renewed, I love a good tofu bowl or spinach and avocado salad. So, I've found myself wondering if there is a correlation between what I eat and my moods. Based on my experience ("Be your own source"-HeyFranHey), the answer is yes. For instance, the sad, depressed, or stressed mood is what influences me to dive for the Kit-Kat and the 10-piece extra crispy, and the food gives me this odd sense of comfort to stay in that funk.  The veggies and fruit keep me on the up & up. They make me feel like I'm feeding my body with purpose.

Almost every woman has her share in the collective female pain-body, which tends to become activated particularly just prior to the time of menstruation. At that time many women become over whelmed by intense negative emotion.
— Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth

To take it a step further, where are the ladies?! Am I the only one who has the CRAZIEST cravings and mood swings right before my cycle? PMS (premenstrual syndrome) is real, and we often feel like we are being held hostage by our emotions, cravings, and lack of motivation. It can feel defeating because many of us are aware that what we are feeling or craving is not "normal", but we feel the need to satisfy them. 

So, here are the two main things I try to do when PMS'ing to keep me sane: 

Maintain my regular routine

I try my best to carry out my regular scheduled programming. As badly as I want to stay in bed or cry in the corner, I force myself to go to yoga, class, and work as usual. Maintaining my schedule helps me focus and manage my emotions because it highlights how irrational PMS symptoms can make me feel. 

Use my tools

Before I explain what I mean by this, I want to emphasize the importance of being gentle with yourself. These tips are not to help you suppress or avoid your emotions. These are tips to help you manage and explore your emotions in a productive way. I put my essential oils, sage, and books to maximum use. So, use your tools-a hot bath, exercise, your friends, rest, etc. 

Below are a few resources to explore that discuss how food affects the psyche and tools to help with PMS symptoms:

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Sister Sister 3 Tea for Cravings and Mood Swings

Please comment below to discuss your tips and tools for PMS symptoms and to discuss your experience with how food affects your mood. 

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