“Time is seen as the endless succession of moments, some “good,” some “bad.” Yet, if you look more closely, that is to say, through your own immediate experience, you find that there are not many moments at all. You discover that there is only ever this moment.”
— Tolle, Eckhart. A New Earth (Oprah #61): Awakening to Your Life's Purpose (p. 204). Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

The concept of time has been very prevalent in my life as of late. I've been asking myself, "What is time?" While pondering the question, I've come to see that time is simply a construct that provides a "safe space" for fear and anxiety. It is used as a restriction or distraction. Think about it...when we speak of our goals, we instantly think of how much time it will take to achieve them or the amount of time we've lost.  A lot of us use time as an excuse to stay in our comfort zone...as an excuse to never leap into what our heart is calling us to do. In toxic connections, time is often used as a weapon to convince someone to stay when asked to consider how much "time" they've invested...restricting them from their higher selves. There are connections that I stayed in solely because I did not want my time there to be "all for nothing", not realizing that I had done all that I was called there to do. How about all of those moves that you have room to make, but don't do them because they don't make sense as it relates to time. What about parents using "...not yet" as a way to protect younger beings from a fail that may or may not happen? My decisions have been unconventional because to others I am moving "too fast", but what exactly does that mean? Is my speed too fast if each step feeds my soul, and makes way for me to continually live my best life? I am the healthiest and happiest I've ever been right here, in this moment. It breaks my heart to see those I love limit themselves because the "timing" in which they are being called to do something evokes fear and pressure. Do not allow your ego or other people to limit you or define your journey through the concept of time. The greatest gift we have been blessed with is the gift of choice. At ANY TIME, you can choose differently. At ANY TIME, you can choose yourself. So, go on that vacation. Call in from work for a day of self care. Kiss that guy. Leave that toxic relationship. Quit that emotionally draining job and invest in your passion. All we have is right now. Memories and futuristic thinking distract you from your NOW. Trust your flow and surrender to the guide that is life. Being in alignment will always defy the odds that "time" seems to create. 

The Power of Now and A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle are two books that really dive into living for your now. Great reads. Check them out! You can purchase them both in my store <3 

I love you.

Chasity aka A Natural Beaut

Chasity Matthews