Surrender to Your Fate

Sisyphus was the king of Ephyra in Greek mythology. For his violent and deceitful behavior, Hades (god of the underworld) punished Sisyphus to a life of hard labor. The labor consisted of pushing a large boulder up a hill only for it roll down each time he accomplished the task. No matter how many tricks or shortcuts he tried to use, he was forced to put his all into pushing the boulder up the hill.

I love the story of Sisyphus because it is applicable to so many areas of life. Psychologists often use the term 'Sisyphus Complex' to discuss mental health and emotional distress. I would like to apply the story to our process of healing. Though Sisyphus's fate was a result of his horrid behavior, I'd like to focus on the fate itself. His labor forced him to surrender and carry through the process. It is important that we know that there is no loophole to our our healing. Our healing requires vulnerability and for us to completely surrender to the process of digging into our roots. As tedious, grueling, and laborious as the process may be, the reward is much greater. That does not mean that we are not deserving of love and compassion or empathy during our process, but it is important that we surrender to our healing (whatever it may look like) so that we no longer look to outside sources to feed our ego or place band-aids over wounds that continue to bleed into fruitless efforts.

It has taken heartbreaks and sleepless nights for me to realize that a lot of my pain has been self inflicted. I was breaking my own heart by relying on outside sources to make me feel feed my codependency and fear of being alone. As a result, I've attracted narcissistic, emotionally unavailable, abusive relationships that mirror the way I treat myself. I am so grateful for the awakening because when you know better, you inherently do better. Spaces and practices that were once normal and comfortable for me are now the very things that make me cringe and push me forward. I can no longer talk myself into being somewhere I don't belong, and the beauty of that is once I surrendered to life, I was no longer put in compromising positions. Allowing life to unfold is not synonymous with losing your free will; it is creating the space for your free will to shine and used to push you and others forward. Surrendering to your process and purpose places you in a space to be fully used by life to create beautiful opportunities and high frequencies so that you can attract the same.

By no means am I saying I have cracked the code and nailed this whole "Life" thing...but what I am saying is surrendering to my process and doing the opposite of what fear, anxiety, and desperation tells me to do has changed the lenses from which I view life. I accept that life has called me into a space of solitude, and is restoring me from worldly damage. The very things I depended on to push me forward were killing me...slowly. I am slowly stepping into my power. There is no rush. Sit back and listen to your Self. Check in and learn to truly surrender to what life is begging you to do...or not do. Your fate is not to suffer.When your boulder rolls down hill, the process of pushing it back up is to learn more and dig deeper. Become excited about what life will do if you allow it to unfold the way it was crafted. Though the boulders will continue to roll, your strength will continue to grow. 

Recommended Reads:

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Chasity Matthews