Self Care Tips for Finals

Hello, everyone! So, I know that most of us are students and it is that time of year again...Finals time can be so stressful, especially when the semester flies by like this one. So, I wanted to share some of my top tips for staying as relaxed as possible as we prepare for these exams, papers, graduation, etc. Let's get started!

1.Create a study schedule

Grad school has taught me the importance of scheduling my time. I did not realize how much time I wasted until I put my pen to paper and mapped out what I did on a day-to-day basis. So, create a REALISTIC study schedule that makes room for sleep, jobs, and any other IMPORTANT activities in your life.


I know, I know. I use this for everything, but it truly is a life saver. Meditation is a great way to ground you, center you, and align yourself with what is truly important. Even if it's a quick 10 minute guided meditation, DO IT! My favorite meditation app is Insight Timer. Morning affirmations are a great way to start your day!

3.Put your phone down/Set healthy boundaries

Yep! Delete Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and everything else if you have to! Put your phone down! It's not going anywhere, I promise. Do Not Disturb is a GREAT feature to have. My phone automatically goes on DND from 11pm until 8am, so I can sleep peacefully without the constant buzzing and dinging. Also, let your tribe know that this is crunch time for you so your availability is limited. Be fair. Communicate. Focus.

4. EAT!

In undergrad, I had a BAD habit of not eating when I was stressed, or not eating until I was done studying. I also had a bad habit of stuffing myself with hot wings and other horrible foods when I finally ate. Eat whole foods. If there was ever a time to nourish yourself, this is it. Be good to your body so your body can be good to you. Drink more water. Eat more fruit. Pack your lunch. Honey crisp apples, Kombucha, Tea, bananas, rice, beans, and smoothies are my best friends!

5. Take your butt home and GO TO SLEEP!

I used to think it was so "cool" to pull all nighters or sleep in the library, as if I had a point to prove. Nope! Nothing about hot breath, baggy sweats, messy hair, or bags under my eyes made me feel sexy. Make the most of your day then go home and go to bed. Leave your backpack in the car, so you won't even be tempted to pull those books out. You have nothing to prove to anyone. Be gentle with yourself. Go to sleep. Get up. Get dressed. Show up and show out! You got this.

Bonus: Treat yourself.

When finals are over, go treat yourself. Dance naked in the living room. Rap Boosie at the top of your lungs in the car (my personal fave). Go to a bar and mingle. Eat a cheat meal. DO SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF because you made it through. No matter what the outcome, leave knowing that you did the best you could do and EVERYTHING happens for a reason. I am rooting for us. We've got this!!



Chasity Matthews