Multi-functional Beauty&Health Products

This is one of my shorter posts. I wanted to mention my key products that are multi-functional because I'm aware that most of my followers are students or young adults working within a tight budget. So, here's a brief list and description of my uses for each product.

Avocado Oil:

This oil is HEAVEN SENT!!!! Where has it been my entire life?!

I use it to cook my fish and veggies. It is very subtle, so it does not overpower the food's natural flavor. Avocado oil improves digestion and boosts nutrient absorption.

Skin: The high amount of Vitamin E helps skin rejuvenation and improves overall complexion. It has been the key product in my skin regimen that gives me a natural glow, elasticity, and moisture retention. It has also healed a lot of my acne scarring, especially on my back.

Tea Tree Oil: 

It is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and overall amazing. 

Skin: Great for healing bug bites. It's also great as a toner, natural deodorant, and insect repellant.

Household: How many of you suffer from dust allergies? If you have carpet in your home, do you feel like something is crawling/biting you, but you don't see the culprit? It's more than likely dust mites. A natural way to minimize them and your itching is to clean and sanitize your space thoroughly. Wash your bedding in hot water (add eucalyptus and tea tree oil to the wash). Then, spray a mixture of white vinegar, two cups water, tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil everywhere- the carpet, draperies, couch, bed, bedding after it has dried. You get the point-EVERYWHERE. You should feel a dramatic difference. 

Coconut Oil

Cooking: I love to cook my sweet potatoes in coconut oil because of the light flavor it provides. It is not as subtle as avocado oil, but it tastes great.

Skin: I use coconut oil to treat bug bites after I apply apple cider vinegar. 

I also use coconut oil to oil pull, which has really improved my oral health. My teeth are whiter and my breath stays fresher for a longer period of time.

Activated Charcoal

Oral Health: One word: AMAZING! Sprinkle this on your toothbrush after applying your toothpaste, then brush. It will change your life. Activated charcoal is used to absorb impurities, so it is great for oral health. It helps prevent gingivitis, gum disease, and other infections that may cause bad breath. It comes in capsules and loose powder form. The capsules can be found at Whole Foods, Amazon, and other health food stores. I purchase the loose powder from Amazon. Click here for the link for the powder form:

Skin: Activated Charcoal is a key ingredient in my favorite clay mask. The recipe for that mask is in my skin care regimen. It helps unclog my pores and removes dead skin. It is also great for a relaxing bath. Run yourself a warm bath, add 1tsp charcoal to your water, and soak for 30 min. This will pull toxins/impurities from the skin.

Bonus: It is also a great supplement for digestion and detox. If you are gassy or suffer from heart burn, taking two activated charcoal capsules before and/or after you eat will soothe your symptoms. Also, adding a sprinkle in an 8 oz glass of water will help detox the liver- especially for the heavy drinkers or those on several medications.

Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar

Digestive Health: A shot a day keeps the doctor/constipation away! For those who have been following me for the past few years know that I swear by apple cider vinegar. It keeps you regular, and it boosts energy levels.

Skin: Great for bug bites and scar prevention. I know plenty of people who use it as a toner (dilute with water please), and they swear by it. It is a bit too strong for me and my extremely sensitive skin, but give it a try if you are having issues clogged pores.

Sunny Butter

Lastly, I have been making my own body/hair butter for almost two years. I've finally decided to share it with you all, and I'm so excited! It is a light, whipped butter that smells like spring time in a jar. 

Skin: Helps even complexion and provides moisture without leaving a yucky, greasy film. 


Hair: Great sealant for natural hair. Perfect to pair with your styler for twistouts, braid-outs, bantu knots, etc. I love to apply it to my hair before getting protective styles so my hair won't feel brittle afterwards. 

A few of the super ingredients: mango butter, sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, and a light essential oil

Click the link to learn more about Sunny Butter. Please read the disclaimers. 

Chasity Matthews