I Can Do It All #BlackCreatives

As a 20-something, I'm at a place in my life where I am having to balance my creativity with my professionalism. I'm learning I'm not alone in this journey because many people in my generation are living a life of duality. On one hand, I am a young law student who is fighting the injustices in the community... on the other hand, I am a blogger who focuses on mental/physical health and wellness. Fear tells me that these sides of me are polar opposites, but something tells me I am doing something so necessary and powerful. Fear leads me to believe that I have to choose. Fear tells me that I live in an "either/or" society, but I know I don't. I refuse to limit myself or believe that I am only meant to do one thing when I am talented in many areas of my life. My passion for health and wellness could be the very thing that my profession needs. It could be the very thing that helps me and those around me survive when we feel trapped in what's perceived as a mess. Our elders often project their fears onto us through the perspective of "wanting what's best", but I believe that my generation is a major key for healing and adding to the collective conscious of this world. Our ability to break through boundaries and say "Move, I'll do it" is earth-shattering. We defy gravity. We shake things up, and have become masters at using our tools for the greater good. So, to those of you who are painters and waitresses, secretaries and poets, students and models, CEOs and dancers, teachers and rappers, you CAN do both. Feed the passions that keep you going, and in the most beautiful way your roads will meet. The universe has a way of affirming you when you are grounded in authenticity and good intentions. This post is for those of us who fear we don't have room for our dreams/interests to manifest. We do. They will.

Keep creating. Stay true. Do not allow others to project their fears onto you, especially when you are doing something that brings you peace. Continue to grow and prosper.


Chasity aka ANaturalBeaut <3