Chasity's Top 10 Self Care Tips

#1.  Make a vision board.

This has changed my life! The process made me sit down and figure out “Okay, Chasity. What is it that you want out of life and what are you doing now to make those goals come to life?” It also promoted self accountability. The first step is to sit with yourself and make a goal list, so that you know what to include on your board. It is so much fun to make, and it’s even more fun to see it manifest in real life. My vision board forced me to put my goals out into the universe, and so far they have manifested in the most beautiful ways. I bought my picture frame from TJ Maxx and old magazines from my school’s library. I poured myself some wine and got to work!



Note: You can add to your vision board as you create new goals. Also, all of your goals don’t have to be long term; they can be small milestones that you’ve been putting off. Make it your own! (Pinterest has some great ideas)

#2. Treat yourself weekly.

When is the last time you did something nice for yourself? Took yourself to dinner, bought a cute pair of shoes, took a nice long bath, sat in silence with a cup of tea? Well, this is one of my biggest self-care tips! Saturdays are my off days. I do whatever moves me. Sometimes I sleep all day. Sometimes I get super sexy and take myself on a romantic date. I challenge you, even if it’s not an entire day, to do something that does not involve work or your boo. Love on yourself!

#3. Keep a schedule

Having a schedule not only keeps me organized, but it helps me stick to my boundaries. I work more efficiently and have more control of my days. It also reduces my anxiety! I never not know what’s going on, and I never have to remember small events; it all goes into the calendar. I go to bed every night at 11 and wake up every at 7, no matter what. I create time for dinner, working out, and meditation. So, do yourself a favor and create yourself a calendar. I use Google calendar and I set it to remind me 30 min. before each event.

#4. Express Yo Self!


Dance! Sing! Write! Do DIY projects! Scream into a pillow! Draw! Do SOMETHING to physically/creatively express yourself. It gives you a healthy outlet to relax, release anger and stress, and work different parts of your brain that your day to day work does not. I color in adult coloring books, journal, workout, and sing in the shower. Try it ;)

#5. Meditate

Meditation has saved my life. It lifts my spirits, centers me, soothes me, and guides me to make the best decisions for myself. It keeps me grounded and pretty much ensures that I will have a peaceful day, if nothing else. Meditation helps me separate myself from my ego, and helps me protect my peace. I mainly use the Insight Timer App (its free!) for guided meditation. I also use Guided Meditations on It is the perfect way to start and end your day…


#6. Keep yourself Up!

Self-maintenance is key! I eat my veggies, drink my water, and I workout when I can. I get my nails done every two weeks like clock work. I massage myself with lavender oil or coconut oil EVERY night. I give myself a scalp massage every other night. I always shave with coconut oil and a sharp razor. I exfoliate 2-3 times per week. I take my time in my nightly showers, and bless myself with the best tunes. I brush my teeth with activated charcoal and organic toothpaste (Honest or Dr. Bronner’s). I get dressed up for the hell of it. I smooth down my baby hairs like I’m going to the Grammy’s. It’s the little things I do to keep myself up that give me an extra pep in my step. Do you take your time or do you do the bare minimum? Get dressed up for yourself from time to time. Take a few extra minutes on your makeup. Exfoliate your body. Go buy a new body wash. Rub yourself down
with your favorite oil.



#7. Be mindful of what you receive.

Are you surrounded by happy, whole, giving people? Do you listen to music that makes you dance, smile, and laugh? Do you follow fun loving, inspirational people on social media? Do you speak positivity so that positivity will come back to you? These are things to think about if you often find yourself in the dumps. It all starts with you. Start by creating a list of self affirmations that you read and tell yourself on a daily basis. Hang your vision board in your room to receive motivation. Make a “Feel Good” playlist. Limit the phone calls/texts from those who never have good news for you or are only full of gossip. Do Not Disturb is the BEST FEATURE EVER INVENTED! So, use it. You can control what reaches you. PROTECT YOUR SPACE AT ALL COSTS!!

#8. Find a hobby

This ties into expressing yourself, but goes just a step further. A hobby is something you get lost in without a care in the world. Time, social media, texting back, or even combing your hair takes a backseat when fully engaged with your favorite hobby. Having a key hobby (blogging, working out, writing poetry, knitting, etc.) promotes healthier boundaries, creativity, and relaxation. If you know your goal is to finish your post or crank out that poem that’s been cooking in your brain, then you are more likely to say no to unnecessary partying or settling for unwanted company because you are “bored”. A lot of us aren’t fortunate to make a living off our hobbies (Issa Goal), so our hobby may be our only chance to truly step into our creative zone. We get to play with funky colors, go wild with our imagination, and break all walls that our jobs have us confined in. So, do yourself a flavor or get to “work” on that hobby that’s been calling your name! If you are having trouble finding one, what is something productive that you enjoy doing with the least amount of pressure or strain? Start there ;)

#9. Get Naked

Being physically naked is so liberating for me. I meditate nude and I sleep nude. It is away to connect with myself and truly see me. The act of taking my clothes off coincides with taking the day off. I get to truly breathe and just be. It is so therapeutic for me, and I challenge you all to try it. It also promotes self love and awareness. You may be more inclined to enhance your self care if you see more of yourself. Get to know your stretch marks, curves, crevices, and scars. They are yours. Love on them. Embrace them. Hug on yourself.

#10. SAY NO!


Last, but most valuable. I had a bad habit of stretching myself thin and trying to be at several different places at a time. Not anymore! There is power in saying no, even if you are saying no just because you’d rather nap. One of the greatest gifts God gave us is the gift of choice, so use it! Saying no is not mean, cruel, or unloving. Saying no means ‘I am choosing myself right now.’ “Because I don’t want to” is a good enough answer to back your choice to say no. Once I began saying no, my YES became more powerful because people understand that everything I do is being done because I want to. And when you are doing something you WANT to do, the outcome will be even more beautiful because you gave it your all. So, practice saying no. When that toxic ex calls to “talk things out“, say NO. When your friends try to guilt you into going out, say NO. When you are asked if you’re available, don’t force room. Simply, say no and reschedule.  PROTECT YOUR PEACE!

Chasity Matthews