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I have always admired the eye of a photographer. Their ability to capture authentic moments and shine light on the features of life that we often take for granted is inspiring. This photographer, in particular, has an eye for simplistic beauty. Taylor's photography is sharp, yet relatable. Classic, yet innovative. There is no doubt that there are some things we can't be taught. Her natural eye for beauty is one. Ladies and gentleman, Ms. Taylor S. Hunter of Taylor S. Hunter Photography...

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What’s your mission/goal?

When I photograph, I am guided by the beauty that I find in my everyday surroundings. I like to turn the norm into something much bigger.

How long have you been in business?

I officially launched my photography business in January 2017 but I have been photographing people for over 6 years now. 

What influenced you to pick this craft?


I was always involved in some form of arts. Whether it was art class or playing around in photoshop when I was younger, I always had a love for using my creativity. I remember getting digital cameras for Christmas, and having the camera glued to my hand growing up. My senior year of high school, I asked my parents for a professional DSLR camera. My friend asked if I could take her senior photos and the rest is history. The more I did it, the more my passion grew for it. That's still exactly how I feel when I am capturing photographs. It drives me and powers me. I just want to get better and create more and more.

Does being a woman of color affect how you navigate perfecting your craft and the business of your craft? How so?

I would say yes 100% to this question. Don't let people tell you any different, there are SO MANY jobs out there for creatives. With technology and social media steadily growing you can find work in so many areas! BUT, I feel that there can sometimes discrepancies in who gets the work. I have to work extra hard and find ways to network with people and make myself stand out as a creative. I feel that sometimes being a young WOC people feel that I am an amateur sometimes. I have to always stay knowledgeable and up to date on my business grind. When you know better, you do better. When you know how to discuss business, negotiate contracts, establish partnerships, etc. people take you more seriously. 


What’s the toughest part about having your own business?

The toughest part is finding the right balance. I'm the CEO and the janitor of my business. I am the marketing director and the person setting up equipment. It gets hard to do EVERYTHING sometimes. Which usually leads to burnout. Lately, I have been making it an essential to take time off for myself. You can end up driving yourself crazy if you don't  stop, close the laptop, and pour yourself a glass of wine. That email can wait until later, sis.

What’s the most fulfilling?

The most fulfilling part of this job is seeing myself grow. When I can create great work plus make my customers happy at the end of the day it brings me so much joy. Just knowing that I stepped into entrepreneurship blindly and to watch how far I've come only drives me more. I also get a lot of aspiring photographers that tell me that I inspire them and that blows me away every time. Just to think my work inspires people to and become better is completely humbling. All around working for myself is the best for me personally. Just being able to have control of your work environment, set your own hours, travel etc makes all of the hard work so worth it!

Share any deals/promo you have going on or any extra info you’d like the readers to know.

I am now booking portraits for 2018 in ALL locations.

Contact: info@taylorshunter.com

web: taylorshunter.com

insta: goldentimetay



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