Shorin Estell

I have known Shorin since elementary school, and what I remember most is his ability to make me laugh and entertain me-whether it was his jokes, movie imitations, or facial expressions when people got on his last nerve. So, it is no surprise that he is a blazing creative with his hands in several buckets ready to paint the world with his glowing spirit. Though he chooses to focus on being a writer, this feature will incidentally highlight his style and gorgeous face. Enjoy Shorin Estell, ladies and gents...  SN: The photos throughout the post will include links to some of Shorin's writing.


I am a writer.

I have been writing since I was 9. I began to take my writing serious when I got to college and chose journalism as my major.

In Elementary school, we would take the writing assessments, and I was always one of the highest scorers. Doing those tests made me realize that I had a gift. Also, throughout the years, I’ve realized that I love telling stories.

I create stories that envelop readers and take them on journeys that they’d never thought they’d be able to take. I love using my experiences as a black queer male in my writing. One of my best pieces was about being black and queer at a PWI. Using my life and my experiences is how I want to help change the ways of the world.

I wish to change the way people see themselves. I wish to help people find the things that they love about themselves and to help them appreciate those things despite what society has told them all their lives. Society tries to make us think that we should live our lives one way, but there are really so many ways to live.

The toughest part about being a creative is when you go to college lol and they “teach” you how to be a creative. Then, once you finish college, you’re out on your own, and you’ve basically forgotten the core, the foundation to what being a creative is. Your imagination has gone from this huge cloud to being a square and now you’re stuck trying to figure what it is you need to create. How to create it? Me personally, I’ve been in a drought since I graduated college… I’m trying to find my niche again. I’m trying to awaken my imagination.

The most fulfilling thing is when you see how much your work touches and influences people. The look on people’s faces when they feel your art in a deeper sense, that’s the best feeling. Your art is an extension of who you are, so for people to accept it and understand it in the so many ways feels amazing.



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