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I met the founder of The Safe Place app, Jasmin Pierre in June. When she gave me her card and explained her mission behind the app, I knew the content was worth bringing to you all. Jasmin is dedicated to pushing forward the conversation about mental health and exposing/creating resources for the black community. So, please read below to learn more about Jasmin, and be sure the download The Safe Place app. It's free! 


The Safe Place is a free minority mental health app for the black community. The app launched on android and ios February of 2018. It offers mental health education and resources.

The app is filled with information such as black mental health Statistics, self care tips, mental illness descriptions, videos, articles, etc.

The goal of The Safe Place is to educate, reduce the stigma of mental health issues in the black community, and save lives. 

My blackness plays a huge role. For as long as I can remember, mental health issues have been seen as the ultimate weakness to our race.  The Safe Place is made for my community. I want to get the black community more comfortable about accepting that we do go through mental health issues, and that it's ok too seek professional help. Mental health issues are not something we can just pray away as the black church has said many times. We need more education on mental health issues and I'm hoping the app will help significantly with that. 

Though the toughest part about my work is funding, most fulfilling is knowing that I helped someone be less ashamed to get help for their mental health issues, or ultimately knowing some information I put out there helped save someone's life. 


That wraps up another amazing feature! I asked Jasmin to give a few facts about black mental health:

The black community is 20% more likely to experience serious mental health issues than the rest of the general population


Common mental health disorders in the black community are:

Major depressive disorder







Contact Info:

Facebook: The Safe Place

Instagram: @itsthesafeplace

Twitter: @itsthesafeplace



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