Click 4 Help

I've known DeQuinten, CEO of Click Four Help, for a number of years. I have always admired his dedication to impactful service. He spends so much time questioning the conditions of the community and working to eliminate socioeconomic issues at the root. It is no surprise to me that he has created a company centered around providing quality educational resources to underserved children. Enjoy getting to know the in's and out's of Click Four Help, LLC. 

At Click Four Help, we aid K-12 and college students academically offering reasonably priced tutoring options. We provide students across the country with a simplistic way to find tutors that specialize in a wide variety of subjects. We help students pursue excellence and cultivate pathways to success. As a Louisiana native I have attended 3 failing schools and have seen the ways students suffer from their lack of resources and programs. I started Click Four Help in 2016 to combat the poor conditions that students in poor areas face daily. Through college access programs, scholarships, and tutoring we strive to change the trend of Black people in this country being miseducated. My target audience is every K-12 student that needs educational assistance. We offer 1 on 1 tutoring services for every K-12 subject as well as ACT prep and online sessions. We also put on free programs once a month focusing on subjects from personal health & hygiene to financial aid and money management. We strive to provide a holistic experience for every one of the students we come in contact with.

My Blackness is my brand I started this company because I witnessed hundreds maybe thousands of Black people fall through the cracks of education because they did not have the care they needed. Every program we put on is based on a direct need that my staff and I have witnessed first hand effecting Black students in the failing schools across the country. Pride in my Blackness leads me to name all of our programs after old Black Tv shows, movies, and Black historical figures. (i.e Do The Right Thing Toy Drive,  By Any Means Necessary Essay Contest, and In Living Color Art Expo to name a few)

I also believe that being a man affects my business and how I get my message out. I think men are naturally more stubborn and set in our ways so we can get trapped in a box and less likely to change our methods for example; in my first year I tried to use radio and younger social media (instagram,twitter) to get my message out about my programs and services but it took me speaking with mothers of students and other women in the field of education to help me understand how parents search for information to help their kids. I would never have changed my methods without their help and I do not think it was a coincidence that the women involved had a more creative and effective approach.

The hardest part of my job is gaining and growing our following. We had a great start being able to run 2 after school programs in the Spring of 2017 but we are working to gain more opportunities of that nature. Constantly creating programs that will add to students experience and increase their interest in higher education at any level is definitely challenging because we do not want to just create programs to say we did them. We want to create programs that the potential to change a students life.


The most fulfilling part of my job is watching a successful program go on. The program we do every December (Do The Right Thing) has been one of the most successful every year and is growing the fastest. We started off donating about 50 toys to an elementary school in Baton Rouge in 2016 and in 2017 we were able to purchase and collect over 200 toys and add New Orleans, Lafayette, Alexandria, and Shreveport to our donation list. Being able to make these students smile and show them that their education can propel them wherever they want to be in life gives me the greatest feeling ever. This year we plan to expand to multiple states with the toy drive and our other programs so I would have to say successful programs are the best part of my job.

We are currently building the Click Four Help MLG Virtual Learning Institute. This will be an addition to our website that allows our customers to subscribe and receive unlimited access to hours of Math, English, Spanish, and money management lessons based on their age. This will be our biggest project yet and has potential to spread Click Four Help Tutoring across the country over night. We also have 2 new scholarship contests coming out this Summer that will be awarded to one male and one female athlete to help with books for college.


We are always looking for opportunities to work with students for more information on our tutoring services or our community programs please visit, call 225-614-0350, or email