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#FebruaryFeatures have been highlighting women. However, I cannot act like our black men are not out here killing the game with their immense amount of creativity. This week's feature is all about the amazing artist and mastermind responsible for not only A Natural Beaut's logo, but other amazing projects like Clearly Misunderstood Podcast. Bryant Albert is an artist who dedicates his work to making sure people of color are represented in all ways by which we actually live-not according to exaggerated stereotypes. Take a peek at some of Bryant's work while getting to know the man behind the brilliant vision. 


BAD Productions was created out of the necessity to express and create characters of diverse backgrounds. It is the manifestation of untold cinematic stories relating directly and indirectly to the African American experience, particularly super heroism, the modern South, love, and dreams.

The official BAD productions site went live on July 11, 2015. I started this experience then and haven't looked back since.

This medium of expression chose me. My mom always says from the time I could hold a pencil I've been drawing. Stories grew in my mind from the characters I would draw. I always imagined alternate realities for them, or even how I might deal with things differently if I could write my own story. My junior year of college, I was afforded the opportunity to work on my first short film and the feeling was unlike anything I've ever felt, and I knew I wanted to feel that feeling for the rest of my life. I wanted to be responsible for telling, shaping, and creating the story.

Balance is the hardest thing to do as a full time teacher. The best advice I've given myself is SCHEDULE! I'm constantly saying put it in your calendar Bryant or you WILL forget.

The toughest part about having my own business is the grunt work. It's the pounding of the pavement to find real time to create, and find the resources to create, and find people to believe in this dream. It's the anticipation. Like knowing you have this beanstalk seed that's gonna grow into something massive and beautiful, but nobody else can see it right now but you.

The most fulfilling thing is that feeling. Shonda Rhimes describes it as "The Hum" it's the feeling when all the wheels are turning in the right direction, and everything is beautiful in your mind and real life, and it makes sense. It's your heart racing because you're so excited because it's exactly what you've dreamed and imagined. It's being in the driver's seat and going so fast you never wanna stop. It's creating. So, if I could tell other creatives anything, I would tell them to fall madly in love with their gift, talent, passion. And learn everything there is to know about it. You can be a master but never stop learning.

In the past BAD Productions was a full service company including photography, graphics, illustration, etc. As of 2018, we're moving directly into film and media. All services rendered will be directly related to filming, unless otherwise considered by CEO.


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Bryant's responses were so eloquent and thought provoking, I decided not to interrupt his storytelling by inserting my questions. I hope you all enjoyed this feature.

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Twitter: @BryantADreamPro

Chasity Matthews