Meet A Natural BEaut


Chasity is A 20-something lawyer who likes to live life outside of society’s lines. She is an animated, free-spirited, afro rocking magical black woman who is taking on life one lesson at a time. She has always been one to shift perspectives, question everything, and work for the betterment of others. This site is a reflection of her evolution, care for others, love for creating, and intent to spark thought while bringing creators together.




A Word from the Creator of

Hello everyone! started as a personal blog to share my journey of mental health and overall wellness. However, it has evolved into something more. is a space for all to come and share; it is not just a space for my thoughts. It is my hope that the site and brand will continue to evolve into a hub of resources, conversation, growth, evolution, and overall creativity. It is yours as much as mine. Enjoy. Explore.


Chasity, Founder